Siberian Jay was formed by it's lead singer Ilari Hämäläinen during last 5 years. Ilari collected his favourite musicians that he had been working with during those years.
This feels like a dream team for getting the right Siberian Jay sound with mighty American style Les Paul guitars and bright and twangy English Telecaster guitars.
At first Ilari started to record the album with Apocalyptica´s drummer Mikko Sirén, but soon they realized that Apocalyptica is gonna make it big and Mikko won't be able to be around as much anymore.
Now the debut album is finally released and Siberian Jay is constantly looking for the best ways to make their music find its way to their future fans.

Ilari Hämäläinen , Lauri Hämäläinen , Hannes Pirilä , Miika Colliander and Kristian Wahlström form the band of Ilari's dreams.
Ilari had been playing (and still is) with the bands like Kengurumeininki, Naked, Pete Parkkonen, Katri Ylander and Megaphone and found these's guys during those years. 
Lauri (Ilari's brother) from Phoenix Effect had always been his favourite bassplayer besides himself. 
Miika Colliander from bands like Husky Rescue, Irina and Juha Tapio is the finest guitarist in making effective atmospheres and clean twangy guitarparts. 
For his companion Ilari invited the long lost brother of Slash - Kristian Wahlström from Mighty 44 and many other bands. He's the craziest Les Paul fighter that Ilari had ever met.
At first Siberian Jay started with Apocalyptica's drummer Mikko Sirén and Ilari, Kristian and Mikko used to have a band called Megaphone earlier.
Since Apocalyptica became a worldwide known chartbreaker, Mikko was not able to be in Siberian Jay anymore.
A natural choise for Mikko was Hannes Pirilä from Katri Ylander's and Laura Voutilainen's bands.
He is the best beat-drummer Ilari had ever met and with his wrestler-arms he was able to totally meet the raquirements of Siberian Jay's difficult drumparts.