"A few weeks ago Siberian Jay could celebrate the release of their debut album (of the same title). In Finland, singer and mastermind Ilari Hämäläinen is mainly known as bass player of the bands Naked, Kengurumeininki and of Idols contestants Katri Ylander and Pete Parkkonen; and he also acts in musicals at Helsinki City Theater. A down-to-earth, multitalented musician who fulfilled his dream with Siberian Jay and now acts as front man. Ilari found time to answer our questions shortly before a show on a Baltic ferry... "

- Sandy Mahrer, Stalker Magazine (Jun 15, 2012)

"Every once in a while you come across some music you just have to share with your friends that you just know will impress the hell out of them. In my humble opinion it's not easy sifting through the masses of independent bands to arrive at that one clique that just stands apart from the rest. With that said I would have to recomend a hard listen to a band from Finland that cools the tediousness of that long search. "I'm Holding," from Siberian Jay is a fast paced hard hitting pillar of rockitude that gives way to a level of coolness that eagerly shakes the scale of awesome. The drive and rythm that builds this anthem of rock pours from a contribution of solid guitar and wicked drums. Interludes of well placed breakdowns add to the wealth of musicality that seems to just easily erupt from this band and holds enough change for any attention deficit rockster to hit repeat on a consistent basis that would burn wholes through the compact disc... (continues) "

- Brian Newton, Indie Artist Radio (Jun 03, 2012)

"The debut CD "Siberian Jay" presents 12 Rock Songs with a few Pop influences. The songs are fresh and dynamic, "Do you feel Sexy" and "Love of God" impress with catchy Lyrics and Choruses. Those Finns sound not as melancholic as the music you are used to hear from their colleagues. Which has the whole thing provide good mood, despite the not always very happy lyrics. One can sense that the guys know their trade and they show it perfectly with their debut. I would say it is a well done beginning for Siberian Jay and hopefully not, as the last song says, "Goodbye", that we get to hear from them. "

- Sandy Mahrer, Stalker Magazine (Apr 24, 2012)

"Katri Ylanderin ja Pete Parkkosen bändeissä soitellut Ilari Hämäläinen keräsi ympärilleen ryhmän mm. Kemopetrolista, Husky Rescuesta ja Five Fifteenista. Vaikka hard rockin tiellä vaeltava debyyttialbumi osin toistaa itseään, sen vire pysyy yllä loppuun saakka. Siberian Jay istuu mallikkaasti radiosoittoon. "

- JUHA SEITZ, Pohjalainen (Jan 31, 2012)